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How ezBuy Works

A new concept for selling products 24/7 over the Internet using live video, live auctions and live video chat


ezBuy combines live auctions with live video chat and live hosts to create an entirely new and exiting way to buy products and services online. Unlike ebay, auctions last three minutes – so there’s plenty of action. Bidders see and chat with other bidders and the hosts in real time.

ezBuy Enables Shoppers Worldwide Access Across All Internet Devices


Personal Computers

Smart Phones

ezBuy Is Designed to Build an Online Shopping Community

ezBuy’s live auction show hosts will be able to fully detail featured products as well as provide this information through a dynamic, interactive, media rich setting.  Selling through live hosts will significantly increase customer purchase rates. It will also help ezBuy garner greater traffic, as relationships between its hosts and shoppers will develop over time. In short, we are developing an on-line shopping community.

High Level of Interactivity

Only ezBuy incorporates four levels of interactivity. Live streaming video, live bidding on the auction, live video chat and live text chat. No other website is as immersive.


The Future Has Arrived and It Is Online Video Retailing.


As earlier stated, there is a paradigm shift going on that is affecting and will continue to affect alltraditional media.  Online streaming video is now the medium by which our target audience is consuming its media.  A pioneering analysis conducted on behalf of the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence (CRE) released a 500 page report entitled Video Consumer Mapping Study, a year-long, $3.5 million study that drew upon in-depth research and analysis of video consumers today.  Among its conclusions it stated: “video usage from a cable, satellite or broadcast source to an Internet source must be viewed as an “evolution,” rather than a revolution; however, as presented in the details of this report, that evolution is well under way.”

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